Navigating School for Special Needs: Homeschooling and in the Public School System

This session will discuss various education related topics for both public and homeschooling your newly adopted child with special needs. Public schools: contacting your school, enrolling your child, receiving therapy services, setting up an IEP, classroom placement, advocating for your child’s needs and addressing attachment at school. Homeschooling: state laws, finding local resources, setting up a home education program, therapies and ideas to get you started.  (Shelley Bedford, Educator and Special Needs Adoptive Parent;  Meredith Cornish, Educator and Special Needs Adoptive Parent) 


Additional Resources Home School Legal Defense Association has information for all homeschooling families broken out by state and helps with legal discrepancies. National and State laws, and information from legal professionals for parent advocacy in the public school system.